Tropical Rock, commonly referred to as "Trop Rock," is a genre of music that blends other genres including Rock, Reggae, Country, Caribbean and Latin with an island, tropical, beach musical arrangements and/or laid-back lifestyle lyrical themed songs. Although Trop Rock has its roots in the beach music scene from the 60's, Jimmy Buffett is often credited as putting Trop Rock "on the map".  Crossover music stars like Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown and Jack Johnson have brought the Trop Rock music genre into the mainstream public, resulting in a growing  popularity that has opened the door for a whole new generation of island-inspired musicians.  We invite you to explore our list of popular Trop Rock artists, visit their websites and listen to their music, and you just might find yourself in a "happy place" you may never want to leave!

We have broken down our list of Trop Rock artists that we feature on BeachFront Radio in alphabetical order (others are added often):