DJ John's themed 5 O'Clock Buffett shows are aired each Friday around 5 & 8 PM EST) then again on Sat 2 PM, Sun 7 AM (5 PM AWST Australia), Mon 6:00 PM, Tue 3:15 PM, Wed 5 AM (5 PM AEST Australia), Thur 1:00 PM. DJ John's 5 O'Clock Buffett show is an exclusive BeachFront Radio show and can only be heard here on BeachFront Radio. The show is a half hour of Jimmy Buffett songs and/or a specific theme about a popular musician/singer/songerwriter with Jimmy Buffett ties or perhaps an upcoming Jimmy Buffett event. Even though we have the times listed above they might be moved to another time of day, because after all, it's 5 O'clock somewhere.