Top 20 Songs Of 2012

1. Southern Drawl Band- Another Day In Paradise
2. Howard Livingston- Magic In Key West
3. Bob Karwin- Working On My Tan
4. Amy M w/Jambo Joe Bones- Like I'm On a Beach
5. Jimi Pappas- Parrot Heads, Together We Fly
6. The Zac Brown Band- Island Song
7. Swim Skinny- Booyah!
8. John Friday- Beachfront
9. Mark Mulligan- Back To Laid Back
10. Mark Stary- Thinkin' About Summer
11. Don Middlebrook- Beach Life
12. Key West Chris- The Beach!
13. Southern Drawl Band- Floriday
14. Ramajay Acoustic- Mountain For Two
15. Freebo- She Loves Her Dog More Than Me
16. Kelly McGuire- King Of the Island
17. Paul Roush- I Wanna Be Howie
18. Gary PhilipS- Restore the Shore
19. Eric Stone- Time To Fly
20. Dani Hoy- Tropigal

Top Trop Rock Musician

Top Trop Rockers Live

1. Michael "Crawdaddy" Crawley- Various
2. Melanie "The Djembabe" Howe- Southern Drawl Band
3. Jimi Pappas- Big Bamboo Band
4. John Patti- The Big Bamboo Band
5. Andy Westcott- Homemade Wine
1 Homemade Wine
2 Jimmy and the Parrots
3 Southern Drawl Band
4 Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24
5 Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band