BeachFront Radio is an Internet radio station that plays the best of independent Trop Rock bands and musicians along with a healthy mix of great rock and country classics. We also air some great shows that showcase the music we play as well as news and informative interviews. Meet our staff:

Andy Forsyth - Owner, Program Director

Andy's passion for "Trop Rock" music is reflected in his book "Trop Rock Songs Stories and Tales" and his TV Show "Trop Rock Music Showcase". He has been involved in music in some form or other for over 50 years and has a keen knowledge of what songs would be a good fit for Trop Rock. He has attended over a dozen different Parrot Head events around the country (most of them numerous times) filming for the TV Show including at MOTM and has been a sponsor of some the events and recently was a co-host for the Laid Back Attack in Seattle.

Sam Densler - Technical Support

Music has also been a big part of Sam's life from an early age. Cut my teeth on Hard Rock and even a little Heavy Metal, fell in love with songs with well played electric guitar and complex bass lines. Favorites include Yngwie Malmsteen, Reb Beach, and Rudy Schenker, among others.  Inspired by Styx, Rush, and my all-time favorite, The Scorpions.  But as I grew older, I found that I really loved the rock ballads.
Never been a fan of cheesy repetitious songs, always preferred a well written song, really love the storyteller aspect of music.  So, 3 years ago, Gina and I started islandFX Entertainment to book musicians and Songwriters Island Radio to promote the independent singer/songwriter/storyteller.  So far, we have built quite a nice group of dedicated listeners from around the world.  That is why it seemed like a nice fit to mash the two listener groups together.  We will keep Songwriters Island Radio going and also bring some of my technical knowledge to BeachFront Radio to help make the listening experience even better and make the operation of the station easier for Andy.

Marilyn Estep Forsyth - Marketing, Sales and Finance

Retired Special Program Director for a large firm. Her enthusiasm for Trop Rock, tactful communication skills and solid financial organization helps keep BeachFront on track, organized and moving forward.

Original Founders of BeachFront Radio

DJ Jeff Allen - Co-Founder of BFR

 DJ Jeff was a part of the "Trop Rock" World since the early 90’s even before it was called "Trop Rock" and hosted numerous Trop Rock events around the country.  He was the host of The Amish Beach Party , heard exclusively on BeachFront Radio and winner of Trop Rock Radio Show of the Year for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  He also won Trop Rock Radio Station Of the Year as program director at a previous station in 2009 and for his BeachFront Radio in 2010, 2011,2012 and 2013 (and 2014 with Cali Carol continuing BeachFront Radio). His programming expertise created the incredible blend of music aired and his vast knowledge of music genres in general along with his passion for Trop Rock made his LIVE shows entertaining for all.   Jeff lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in October 2013 but his work will live on forever.