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Hey BeachBums and Parrotheads,


If you missed our interview with the dynamic new Young Trop Rock band from So. Calif called the Wheeland Brothers, check them out on their website below. They have produced 3 CDs since 2012 and each song on the CDs are unique and tell a great story of the life of today's young BeachBum Surfer dudes. Much like I was when I was in my teens and early 20s. The music they produce is great today and would have been great in the 60s and 70s as well. Check out the videos on their web site, great stuff.


website: Wheelandbrothers.com

email: twheeler@gmail.com



Here is the new January 2019 Trop5 countdown list. Catch the airing of the countdown every Monday (9 PM EST), Wed (2 PM), Fri (10 AM) and Sat (4:00 PM) with a new show each month.  New time on Tues (5 AM) . . . for our Down Under listeners.


Trop5 Countdown for January 2019.

1 – Jimmy Buffett - Don't Bring Me Candy

2 – Donny Brewer - The Pardi Gras Song

3 – The Detentions - Yes It Is

4 – Drop Dead Dangerous (Kitty Steadman)

          The House of the Rising Sun

5 – Donny Brewer - Trouble in Paradise, The Ballad of Jake Sullivan



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A new exciting TROP ROCK movie was premiered in Key West during MOTM this year at the Key West Movie Theatre. Click the poster below to get all the details about the movie and how to get the DVD. The creator and director of the movie Todd Norwood was at MOTM this year.


email: info@islandtimefilm.com

website: islandtimefilm.com

DVDs can be purchased directly from Todd by emailing him. Also online coming soon on iTunes, Amazon and Googleplay.

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Hey BeachBums and Parrotheads, Below is a message from Don Middlebrook and his CD Mexico Beach and the fundraiser that he is running to help get Mexico Beach back on its feet.


 **** Special announcement. At MOTM this year, through the generosity of our BeachBum fans at our events we raised $1400 to help the Mexico Beach Hurricane Relief effort run by Don Middlebrook. We presented a check to him on Sunday while he was performing at the Conch Republic.


From Don . . . .

The Mexico Beach area of the Florida panhandle has been devastated. To help with hurricane recovery efforts, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from downloads of our song "Mexico Beach." (Link below)

This will continue until I walk back through the doors of Mango Marley's. Mango Marley's Mexico Beach gave this song LIFE, and now, this song will do all it can to give LIFE back to Mexico Beach.

PLEASE SHARE with all your friends!



Go to CD Baby HERE

Twitter Hash tags below:

#hurricanemichael #mexicobeach #mangomarleys #puretroprock


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Our new feature is a weekly editorial by one of our BeachFront Radio Ambassadors.


This one is from Craig Guest about the Peter Mayer concert he recently attended.

The title of the show was a “Junkman’s Christmas”.  Peter has been doing these Christmas shows for 19 years.  This is the first one I have seen.  Peter’s purpose was to show the audience that the country needs Love, Faith, Kindness and Peace.  All four were woven into his songs.

Peter has a very interesting background.  He grew up in India, the child of missionaries.
Then returned to and has lived in the U.S.  His music background here in the U.S. is impressive,  including faculty member of Webster University, School of Music where he taught jazz guitar.  Peter lives in Nashville now and has played with Jimmy Buffet for 29 years and has toured and released many albums on his own. He also tours with Scot Kirby.  His talent is unbelievable!

A “Junkman’s Christmas was born from Peter’s childhood memories.  One Christmas, his dad did not have enough gifts for little Peter. So he decided to go to his tool bench.  He found and wrapped five pieces of old junk (bolts, screws etc.) for four year old Peter.  The little boy’s imagination turned the junk into Hope, Joy, Love & Peace.

The show was quite impressive and unique.  The Night started out very strong and also ended that way.  All the songs had a story of Love, Peace and Christmas Joy.  The ending was particularly moving because they played classic songs about Love (The Beatles’ “Love, Love, Love” and Crosby, Stills and. Nash’s “Teach Your Children”.)

Peter’s Band was spectacular. Let me introduce them:

1.  Chris Walters- Plays the piano.  Chris was the Music Director for Barbara Mandrel from 1989-97.
2.  Brendan Mayer- Plays the guitar.  Also a songwriter.  Brendan is Peter’s son. Brendan also played as a member of Jimmy Buffet’s band in Paris.
3.  Mark Holland-Plays wind Instruments.  Best flutist I have ever heard! His music is a hybrid of World, Jazz, Classical and Folk and Christmas music.
4.  Zen Briskovic-Plays acoustic & electric bass.  Serves on the music faculty of Washington University and has his own Jazz Fusion Group (Rare Departure).
5.  Miles Vandiver- Plays the Jazz Drum.  Miles is Jazz Drum Set Director for the Music School of Southern Illinois University.  His Drum solo was out of site.  I loved it!
6.  Ben Sanders- Plays fiddle, mandolin and guitar.  Ben has played at the Grand Ole Opry and has won several State Championships.

The show was absolutely great.  So much talent in one room!  So much Christmas Love, Peace & Joy!  It was sponsored by the Berks County Parrot Head Club.  All proceeds are donated to Berks County Crime Alert, an excellent cause.

Peter Mayer has the book “A Junkman’s Christmas Eve” and a CD of the concert available on his website or Little Flock Music”.  Check them out & enjoy!


Check them out HERE

Your Ambassador,

Craig Guest



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Would you be interested in being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador?



email us at:   andy@beachfrontradio.com


Go to the BeachFront Ambassador section to see who our BeachFront Ambassadors are and learn a little bit more about them. And what being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador is all about.

Click HERE to go to the Ambassador page.

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