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Hey BeachBums and Parrot Heads,

Our new feature is a weekly editorial by one of our BeachFront Radio Ambassadors.

This week we are featuring Craig Guest talking about how he met Jim Morris.

How I met Jim Morris, by Craig Guest

One summer 9 years ago, my friend & I  took a week-end golf trip to Punta Gorda, Florida.  My friend lived there and I was considering moving there.  Punta Gorda was having a block party and Jim Morris provided the music.  I knew right away that I had found a superstar!  Within a year, my wife and I moved to neighboring North Fort Myers.  We saw Jim at various restaurants 2-3 times a week.  One night, Jim and my wife talked and discovered that they had worked in the same corporate HR Dept. that Jim left to start his Trop Rock singing career! (although it wasn't called Trop Rock yet at that time).  What a coincidence!  When we moved back to Pa., we saw Jim there, and at the Jetty in Grasonville, MD.  He would always come over to talk.  One day, I brought him Sunset Photos of Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda, as a gift.  He loved them and said he would put them in his office at home.  Sail on Jim!


Here is the latest Trop5 countdown list. Catch the airing of the countdown every Monday (9 PM EST), Wed (2 PM), Fri (10 AM) and Sat (3:30 PM) with a new show each month.  New time on Tues (5 AM) . . . for our Down Under listeners.


Trop5 for May 2018


1 – Allen Wronko – Beach Girl

2 – Graeme Connors – A Little Further North Each Year

3 – Caroline Jones - Barefeet

4 – Mack Meadows – Smilin in the Islands

5 – The Detentions – Beach In Heaven

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We are pleased to introduce to you our newest member of the Ambassador program.

Tim Walker - Go HERE to read more about him and the other BeachFront Radio Ambassadors.

And when you are at an event say hi to him and the other Ambassadors and learn more about how to get involved in promoting this great genre called Trop Rock as a BeachFront Radio Ambassador.




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Would you be interested in being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador?



email us at:   andy@beachfrontradio.com


Go to the BeachFront Ambassador section to see who our BeachFront Ambassadors are and learn a little bit more about them. And what being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador is all about.

Click HERE to go to the Ambassador page.


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The ideal player to have open in the
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to listen to great Trop Rock music
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 * * * THE BEACHFRONT RADIO Program Guide * * *
* * * and Event Schedule * * *

We have two new shows that have been airing for a few months now and we are proud to bring them to you. We want to let you know about them now if you haven't already heard them.


First our own DJ John "Five O'Clock Buffett" has been airing the Trop 5 Countdown with his picks for the top 5 new Trohttps://s3.amazonaws.com/content.sitezoogle.com/u/13732/a192669c3c7d5e61ad4ded5ae47e7216585cca3c/small/trop-5-logo.jpg?1500263082p Rock Songs in the Country. Starting in August we'll be posting the countdown list on our website and announce it on Facebook. Air times are:

Every Mon at 9 PM, Wed at 2 PM, Fri at 10 AM and Sat at 4 PM   *** New time added Tues at 5 AM, for our Down Under listeners ***


Here are the BeachFront show lineups for this week. All times are EST unless otherwise noted.


*** See the BeachFront Trop Rock Events Calendar for all Trop Rock happenings, click HERE.

Monday 9 PM. A new show the Trop 5 hosted by DJ John Cody. The top 5 new Trop Rock songs each week. It will air every Monday (9 PM EST), Wed (2 PM), Fri (10 AM) and Sat (4 PM) with a new show each month.

Monday 10 PM. The Pirates & Poets Show with Jon Boy and Damit Earl. Congrats, TRMA Radio Show of the Year 2016!!! Listen to their stories, antics and conversations with Trop Rock stars and maybe even listen to a little Trop Rock music too.

Tuesday, 8 PM. The Big Burrito Radio show, (Nominated several times over the years for Trop Rock Radio Show of the Year} with Mad Marty and Dan "CFA" Mueller can be heard every Tuesday at 8 PM. Then again on Wed at 7 AM (7 PM AWST for our Australian listeners). Big Burrito Radio is broadcast live every Saturday from 10AM to Noon on WLRA 88.1 from Lewis University in the Chicago area. 

Wednesday, 9 PM. DKtheDJ's "Island Time" show is aired on Monday's on WBWC 88.3 FM from Baldwin Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio and is replayed about a week later on BeachFront Radio on Wed at 9 PM. (Nominated several times over the years for Trop Rock Radio Show of the Year and won the award in 2014}

Thursday, 9 PM. We will rebroadcast The Big Burrito show that was played on Tues or bring you a new show.

Friday, at 5 and 8 PM. DJ John's "5 O'Clock Buffett" show is aired each Friday (Fri 5 & 8 PM EST) then again on Sat 2:20 PM, Sun 7 AM (5 PM AWST Australia), Mon 6:00 PM, Tue 3:15 PM, Wed 5 AM (5 PM AEST Australia), Thur 1:00 PM. DJ John's show can only be heard right here on BeachFront Radio.

Saturday, 8 PM.  - Mike Bollea's Jukebox Party is syndicated on many AM and FM stations around the country with listening audiences of up to 100,000 listeners. We at BeachFront Radio are happy to give you a taste of what the 50s and 60s were like. I'm sure most of you lived through those times but some of the music you may have missed. This show, "Mike Bollea's Jukebox Party" presents some of the "Greatest Hits" and "Rare Gems" of the 50's - Early 60's. Plus features like, "Songs That Should Have Made It, But No One Played It" - "Fabulous Flips" - "Before They Were Hits" - "Keeping The Blues Alive". With over 25,000 Oldies, "You Just Never Know What Your Going To Hear Next" Thanks for listening and Enjoy.....

New Show on the Horizon  . . .
Sunday, at 11:30 AM EST. "Inspirational Isle" with Tiki Thom Starkey and Brye Harris. Special songs that might inspire you, a thoughtful or reflective song or it could have some some spiritual message, but mostly songs to make you think and maybe make you feel just a little better. After all as Jimmy says, "there's a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning". We just want to make your Sundays a little better. This is an exclusive BeachFront Radio show.

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Official BeachFront Radio event announcements - - -

Here are some Events that are coming up soon and more on the Horizon too.

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