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Hey BeachBums and Parrotheads,



Our Interview with Bob Karwin,

2016 TRMA Entertainer of the Year

and on the ballot again for 2020.


His new CD "The Miles Between" is a 100% Trop Rock CD

I hope you listened to the interview we did with Bob. Check out his music and New CD on his web site and Facebook page. Links below.

Bob is also in the Trop Rock Strong video. The link is just a little farther on down the page.


web site: www.bobkarwin.com

Facebook: Bob Karwin


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produced by Donny Brewer, John Patti and Thom Shepherd.

WIth 50+ Trop Rock performers and a couple of Coral Reefers as well.

click the image below or HERE.

Share it with everyone you know.






See the message near the bottom of the page from Andrew Talbot about what's happening for MOTM 2020.



Sad and disappointing News

MOTM 2020 has been cancelled.

                              For additional info on the PHiP web site click the image above or HERE


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Here is an Ambassador Report from down in Key West,

Brian Fields lets us know what is going on in our favorite part of the country.


Update from Key West and the Florida Keys – Key West Beachfront Radio Ambassador Brian “B-Man” Fields


It’s eerie to walk down Duval Street in Key West and not see the crowds on the sidewalks, the sound of a cruise ship blasting their horn to remind passengers it’s time to board and move on, and to hear the many musicians playing around the many bars in town.  Brings to mind the words in Jimmy Buffett’s song “When the Coast is Clear” -- The tourist traps are empty, vacancy a bounds, Almost like it used to be, before the circus came to townmany have said we live in the worlds largest gated community since the establishment of roadblocks coming into the Keys, but it’s all for good reason.


Strange how life can change in the blink of an eye and that is true for the Florida Keys and Key West during this life changing pandemic.  Bars and restaurants shut down, local merchant shops closed, many out of work, and the request for everyone to limit our movement and stay home and isolate.  Yes, Key West is very quiet and missing everyone who would have been here for the many events that occur during the Spring season – the only sound you’ll hear are the chickens, who pretty much own the island now (a little island humor there).  As the pandemic has altered the life of many, behind the scenes there are some good things happening.


During this time of the COVID-19, the Florida Keys and Key West are taking the opportunity during this slow time to work on many County/City projects to enhance the infrastructure for the locals and tourists.  In Key West, the City has moved up many much-needed street repair projects.  On Duval and Simonton Streets, most corners and sidewalks are under construction and in the near future both will receive new road pavement. 


Many of the businesses around town are painting and repairing their shops/bars/restaurants and conducting large-scale cleaning to make the environment safer for everyone.  In a time of uncertainty, it’s refreshing to see so many local business owners taking the time to tidy up and prepare for the reopening of Key West and eventually the opening to all our tourists who we miss very much. 


In the end, the Florida Keys and Key West will bounce back…we always do and always will.  It may not look the same or may seem a little different, as to date there have been many businesses closing their doors permanently, but other opportunities and doors will open for others.  The resiliency of the Florida Keys and Key West and the people who live here is unstoppable.  We look forward to seeing everyone in the near future and can’t wait to see everyone posting “We are finally once again “KEY WEST BOUND””!  Stay safe and healthy everyone and remember we are all “One Human Family”!




Brian Fields – Beachfront Radio Ambassador “Key West, Florida”

Brian Fields or better known as “B-Man” of the Key West Nautical Americana Duo “B-Man & mi-Shell live in Key West, Florida.  Brian has been traveling to Key West for years with his wife Michelle and finally took the plunge and moved permanently to Key West in November 2016.  Both Brian and Michelle are retired Air Force with over 20 years.  Now they both write, produce and perform around the Keys and Nationally.  Brian is a member of the Trop Rock Music Association (TRMA) and their song “Key West Bound” was recognized by the Conchfish Nation as their official anthem song.  You can find their music on iTunes, Apple, Google and many other streaming platforms





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July 2020 Trop5 Countdown List.

The Trop5 Countdown is now a part of the all new . . . . . . . "5 O'Clock Somewhere News" Show.  News about upcoming Buffett shows and stories from around the country. The show airs at the following times. Friday 5 PM EST, Saturday 1:40 PM, Monday 6 PM and Wednesday 7 AM.  A new show will be presented each month by DJ John. Show support for his new show and let us know how you like it. It's an hour packed with great stories and the Trop5 Countdown. 








So here is the countdown . . . . Bongo Drum Roll please . . . . . .


Trop5 Countdown for July 2020.


1 – Trop Rock Strong - Donny Brewer/John Patti/Thom Shepherd and many many more Trop Rockers and Coral Reefers.

2 - Aaron Scherz - Stayin' Down

3 - Thom and Coley Shepherd - Sail Away

4 - Jimmy Buffett - Who Gets to Live Like This?

5 - Mac McAnally - Once in a Lifetime


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The Anchor Radio Show on BeachFront Radio

every Monday, at 8 PM EST.




Anchor Radio Show is hosted by Evan James & Miss Dawn as they take you on a mental Beach Vacation with fun segments like Anchor Radio's Guilty Pleasure Song of the Week, Artist interviews, Incredible fun stories, Anchor Radio's Idiot of the Week (a fan favorite) plus tons and tons of great Trop Rock music and some Rock and Country.


Welcome to the BeachFront Radio family

ANCHOR RADIO SHOW,  Evan James and Miss Dawn


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"Beach Bars and Guitars Show"

hosted by Johnny Russler



Every Tuesday is a brand new show. Unless of course we have to run a previous show, but if you haven't heard it, it is still a BRAND NEW SHOW.  



The show is called "Beach Bars and Guitars Show" and is hosted by Johnny Russler of the Beach Bum Band out of the Chicago area. He is also one of the founders of the Big Burrito Radio show that we also aired for a few years.  

The guest is yet to be announced but you can be sure there be be. . . . lots of stories and PHun stuff.

The show will be aired every Tuesday at 8 PM EST.  Occasionally an encore show may be aired on Tuesday but for the most part we'll air the shows a week after the original broadcast. 

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Welcome to our latest Sponsor - - -

The Colebrookdale Railroad !!!  

Website: colebrookdalerailroad.com    or click HERE


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to travel on a train back in time to when the country was being explored by our early pioneers?



Experience the wonder and splendor of the bygone era of the Titanic (1900 to 1916) aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad. Travel Through Pennsylvania's Secret valley, enjoy a five star meal, listen to the grand piano, or sip a specialty cocktail as the train crosses tall timber trestles and deep rock cuts on one of the northeast's most scenic journeys unspoiled by time. The Colebrookdale's Secret Valley looks much the same today as it would to the iron-willed pioneers who first ventured along its cold, rushing creeks three centuries ago. Santa trains, foliage trains, and a host of special events make the Colebrookdale Railroad perfect for making lasting memories.


Visit colebrookdalerailroad.com and book your trip today for the adventure of a lifetime into the past. 

Read more about this unique Train Adventure in Pennsylvania's Secret valley aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad right HERE.



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Inspirational Isle is back !!! and will air every Sunday.

Tiki Thom brings you songs of Life, Love and Inspiration to reflect upon and maybe allow you to slow down and not take life at such a hectic pace.

It can be heard every Sunday at 11 AM amd 8 PM EST, exclusively on BeachFront Radio - - -


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Please Welcome the newest addition to our Ambassador family  -  - -

Fred McFarlin and his wife Georgia McFarlin -


Fred is a longtime fan and supporter of Trop Rock, whose connection to BeachFront Radio goes back to an early friendship with founder DJ Jeff Allen. Past BFR fans may remember him from shows like "Trop Rock Artist Spotlight" and "Trop Rockin' Live" - which earned him a Trop Rock Music Award nomination for Radio Show of the Year. he lives in Atlanta with his wife and fellow Trop Rock fan, Georgia McFarlin. Together they operate the Trop Rock and Parrot Head friendly travel agency. "Travel by Georgia".


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Would you be interested in being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador?


email us at:   andy@beachfrontradio.com


Go to the BeachFront Ambassador section to see who our BeachFront Ambassadors are and learn a little bit more about them. And what being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador is all about.

Click HERE to go to the Ambassador page.

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We would like to welcome our latest Sponsors and fine additions to the Tropical Mall. This one in the Jewelry section.

Tradewinds Galleria

on the Island of St.Thomas in Red Hook.

Tradewinds Galleria is happy to offer you an amazing variety of the finest jewelry in the Caribbean. Caribbean Hook Bracelets in a variety of styles, in silver, gold and twotone.

Visit our Tropical Mall page HERE to see more and then go to their website and see all they have to offer and place your order for the finest Caribbean Jewelry at prices you cannot beat in any other store in the island.


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And this sponsor is in the Lifestyle section HERE.

Youngevity and the products 90 For Life and Rebound. For healthy living and added energy check out Rebound to keep you going whether involved in a sporting activity or just working hard and feeling a little run down. Rebound is the natural way to boost your energy and stamina level.

The 90 For Life vitamins and minerals provides all the nutrients your body needs to live a healthy life.  Check out the videos and go to the Youngevity web site for more information, testimonials and to buy the products.















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